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Certificates for wind turbines

It is a requirement that wind turbines with a rotor area over 5 m2 shall have a valid certificate by no later than the date of putting into service. This is to ensure that wind turbines installed in Denmark are designed and produced in a safe manner.

All issued and unexpired valid certificates for wind turbines are listed in the table below.

Abbreviations used in categorising wind turbine certificates:

  • Type certificate: In the table labeled A | Provisional type certificate: In the table labeled B
  • Prototype certificate: In the table labeled C
  • Supplementary certificate: In the overview called T-certificate (this category of certificates was formerly referred to as § 8 certificates for certificates issued following the previous executive order 73)
  • Certificate issued for a wind turbine with a rotor area of max. 200 m2: In the overview called SWT certificate (Small Wind Turbine)


Good to know

The table uses the historical abbreviations for certificate categories.

You can find explanations of the abbreviations in the list above the table.