Reporting of damage or accidents on a wind turbine

If an accident occurs on a wind turbine, or if major damage occurs, that is considered to constitute a safety risk, it must be reported without undue delay to the Danish Energy Agency. Further information on the report can be found in Annex 6 of the Executive Order.

The wind turbine owner is also obliged, before the wind turbine is put into operation again, to repair the faults in the wind turbine, that are the cause of the damage and any consequential damage, and to carry out a functionality and safety test of the wind turbine and to inform the Danish Energy Agency that this has happened.

Reporting form

PDF | DA | Report form in the event of damage or breakdown

WORD | DA | Report form in the event of damage or breakdown

The completed application and relevant appendices are sent to

Good to know

Examples of situations where damages are considered to constitute a safety risk and therefore must be reported:

  • Stopping the wind turbine due to a risk of accident.

  • Blades or parts of blades falling off.

  • Bolts falling off.

  • Other components falling off.

  • Damage resulting in fire, or that wind turbines run out of control.

  • Total destruction.